Control of ingot quality

Content of alloying elements in the ingots is determined by the method of inductively coupled plasma — optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) in ICP-spectrometer ICAP 6500 DUO of Thermo Electron Corporation.
ICP-spectrometer ICAP 6500 DUO
Gas analyzers RO-316, RH-2
UD4-76 instrument for ultrasonic testing of ingots

Determination of O2, N2, H2 gases in titanium alloys is performed using LECO analyzers.
Determination of the depth of shrinkage cavity and of other inhomogeneities in the ingots is performed by the method of non-destructive ultrasonic testing (UT), using UD4-76 flaw detector. Flaw detector allows detection of isolated defects of more than 1 mm diameter, as well as finer defect clusters.
Express-analysis of mass fraction of chemical elements in input charge and finished ingots is performed by X-ray fluorescent spectrometer «DP-2000» of Innov-X Systems, Inc., USA.
Detection of latent defects of ingot surface is conducted by nondestructive testing by die-penetrant method.
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer «DP-2000»
Inspection of ingot surface quality