Ebm ingot products

Manufacture of various kinds of semi-finished products (forgings, rods, pipes) from ingots of titanium and alloys on its base produced by SE «SPC «Titan» of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine» was organized through cooperation with specialized enterprises of Ukraine.
Investigations of the quality of these semi-finished products showed that their properties fully meet all the requirements imposed by the standards to quality of products from titanium and its alloys.
Forged rods of 300 mm diameter from titanium alloy VT3-1
Forged rods of 160 mm diameter from titanium alloy VT22
Hot-rolled rods of 50 mm diameter from titanium of VT1-0 grade
Forging of Ø1950x160 mm size from high-temperature titanium alloy VT3-1
Ø190/90 tubular billets from titanium alloy VT14
Hot-rolled pipes of 114 mm diameter from titanium alloy VT20
Cold-rolled pipes from titanium alloys VT1-0, PT-1M, PT-7M